**NEW**Q&A for International Applicants of YZU

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Q: Where can I download Financial Guarantee Statement, Foreigner Physical Examination Form and Health Insurance Application Form?

A: All these documents can be found at http://coe.yzu.edu.cn/col/col41142/index.html


Q: Do I need to apply in Yangzhou University Application System if I intend to apply for Chinese Government Scholarship, International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship or Jiangsu Government Scholarship?

A: Yes. YZU system is compulsory for all application.


Q: Do I need to send hard copies to Yangzhou University?

A: No. You can only finish online application.


Q: Is it necessary to get an acceptance letter from tutor if I intend to apply for master programs or doctoral programs?

A: It is highly recommended to contact with the tutor before application, or it may require a longer review time. Please refer to http://coe.yzu.edu.cn/art/2020/6/23/art_41099_765300.htmlfor information about master tutors and http://coe.yzu.edu.cn/art/2020/6/24/art_41100_767955.html for information about doctoral tutors.


Q: If I intend to apply for multiple scholarships, do I need to apply several times in Yangzhou University Application System?

A: Applying for multiple scholarships is not suggested.


Q: What is the deadline for applications?



Application Closing Date

Chinese Government Scholarship

(Yangzhou university programs)

April 15, 2021

International Chinese Language

Teachers' Scholarship

May 15, 2021

Yangzhou University International Student Scholarship

May 30, 2021


May 30, 2021


Q:If I failed in admission, can I get my application fee refunded?

A: Application fee is not re-fundable.


Q: When is the deadline for application fee payment?

A: You have to pay for the application within 15 days after you successfully finish your online application. For example: You finished your online application on Feb 5, 2021, you have to pay for the application fee before Feb 20, 2021.


Q: How can I know I need to pay for application fee?

A: All the applicants have to pay for the application fee except for CSC and ICLTS scholarship applicants.


Q: How can I know if I have been admitted?

A: Your admission result can be checked in the application system; we will not inform you by other ways.


Q: How can I apply for free pick-up service?

A: If you have been admitted, please visit online application system to apply for the free pick-up service.


Q: If I can arrive at YZU earlier? How can I apply for the accommodation?

A: We usually don’t accept any early arriving students. If you have any special reason of arriving early, please contact us first. Before getting permission, you will not be arranged at YZU dormitory.


Q: If I can arrive at YZU later than the appointed date?

A: If you have any acceptable reason of arriving later than appointed date, you have contact us to get permission first or you will be considered of giving up registering.